Sulisartut Højskoliat  the Greenlandic workers' folk high school  was built in 1977. The building expenses were paid partly from loans from the Danish educational department, partly with help from the Danish workers union - LO.
The operating costs for Sulisartut Højskoliat come from the Greenlandic Self Government as well as renting of conference facilities both from public and private businesses.
The background for establishing Sulisartut Højskoliat was the wish of making an educational centre for the Greenlandic workers. The Greenlandic Workers' Union - GAS (later SIK)  had an important role in establishing the school.
Sulisartut Højskoliat is an independent institution based in Qaqortoq (Julianehaab). In the rules for business you can see that: The main task for the school is to give young workers and youngsters from town and settlement a general education, partly through courses of culture to the members and representatives of the Greenlandic working force.

The principle of running Sulisartut Højskoliat is the same as in folk´s high schools in Denmark. We offer general courses of 20 weeks for youngsters, courses for elderly workers, representatives as well as for Scandinavian groups of guests. Sulisartut Højskoliat gives courses for approximately 1.200 participants in 49 weeks a year. The costs per participant are very high because of the expensive means of transportation in Greenland.

Today Sulisartut Højskoliat offer good meeting and conference facilities. We are situated near the lake of Tasersuaq in Qaqortoq. The school has it´s own boat and we offer transportation and excursions all over South Greenland.


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